Expert DOJO is one of the most unique investment models to hit the United States in a long time. Accelerators have existed for a long time and even thrived in the last 10 years but Expert DOJO have created an entirely new category by focusing absolutely everything on driving user and revenue growth as opposed to just investment.This obsessive focus has been instrumental in increasing our Internal Rate of Return to an unusually high level of 173% in just a few short years.

A large number of our companies are raising big rounds and we want to share our pro-rata rights with other great investors and syndicate those deals, along with other special opportunities.

The World's First Investment Growth Engine

Since 2018, we have invested in over 150 companies around the globe.

Expert DOJO believes the accelerator experience has been broken. We’re here to aggressively drive growth and scale companies. We work with pre seed to series a companies, providing opportunity to companies globally.