Since 2014, Expert DOJO has worked with over 500 startups to accelerate their growth and success, positioning us as the fastest growing start-up accelerator in Southern California. There are thousands of accelerators out there, but what makes Expert DOJO different is our community and our commitment to start ups’ success.

We currently assist entrepreneurs through four, distinct programs:

Growth Studio

Our growth studio is a monthly, paid program with various levels of commitment. The programs vary from access to our online courses to one-on-one, curated meetings with our investors.


The domestic accelerator program is designed to help you get to your next round as we work with you on the milestones needed to get there. This includes an investment of $50K.

International Accelerator

Our international accelerator program is a 12-week, fully-immersive program in which 20 international companies move to Silicon Beach, benefiting from US business training as well as comprehensive network opportunities. For twelve weeks, chosen companies will be immersed in the unique ecosystem that makes up Silicon Beach, accessing American venture capital and gaining a competitive advantage to set them apart from the rest. Startups will receive a total investment of $100K including 20K in program fees.

Venture Studio

This program is ideal for companies who aren’t an appropriate fit for our accelerator programs. In exchange for a small equity stake (between 2-10%), Expert DOJO will commit to connecting you to our investor community to raise follow on investment. This is a much smaller, niche program.

For more information on our programs, visit expertdojo.com

Brian Mac Mahon
CEO, Founder

Brian Mac Mahon has consulted and coached in over 35 countries, bringing a global perspective to starting and growing a small business. He has been teaching the power of connecting a community and the process of turning a "pay it forward" mindset into a revenue generator for years. Brian combines this teaching with the experience of working with thousands of small business over the years. Brian heads the Expert DOJO high-performance accelerator and has access to thousands of experts and mentors who will help any entrepreneur find what they need to pursue their small business dream. He has spoken all over the world about the most efficient ways to start, grow and expand any business. He is a vital partner for any small business team.

Jonathan Wallace
Director of Investment

Jonathan joined Expert Dojo upon its inception as an investment analyst. Over the course of the next 4 years he established relationships with some of the largest venture capital funds in the world and helped dozens of startups raise investment. Jonathan is now the investment director for Expert Dojo and oversees all follow-on investments.

Brian McDermott

Brian is an experienced sales leader, passionate about connecting people to achieve their goals. He has consulted in areas of technology, real estate, management and hospitality. A lover of networking and making new connections, he has actively worked with hundreds of startups to advise on areas of fundraising, networking, business development and identifying unique business solutions

Sophie Angner
Marketing Strategist

Sophie specializes in helping entrepreneurs become more successful in their marketing efforts. With 6 years of professional experience as a marketing manager, she has helped several startups establish themselves

Sofia Decio
Project Manager

Sofia is a Bachelor’s of Arts candidate at the University of California, Los Angeles, studying Political Science with a concentration in International Affairs. Sofia first fostered her passion for entrepreneurship when she served as the Chief Operating Officer for a student-run non-profit and then as a United States delegate for SAGE (Student Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship) in Manila, PH.